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by | Oct 15, 2018


If you don’t believe this, think of the last time you had a plumbing emergency either at work or at home. How long did it take you to panic or feel the impact of the lack of water or hot water? Not very long, right? Plumbing is essential.

Many people feel they can handle their own plumbing repairs or want to give plumbing a try when something goes wrong. There are many good reasons to leave plumbing up to professionals who have the training and experience to handle whatever the kitchen, bathroom or basement throws at them. What are the top 10 reasons to hire a professional plumber?

10. Advice

Consult a plumber before you make plans for an extension to your house. He will be able to tell you how feasible your ideas are and how they could be made easier and more affordable based on how your plumbing is currently configured.

9. Time savings

Professional plumbers know how to fix or install plumbing, and they know which parts are necessary to do it. An amateur plumber may spend hours at Home Depot or on YouTube trying to figure out the right part only to have to return it when it turns out to be the wrong one.

8. Comfort

Your family is waiting for the bathroom or kitchen to work again, and their lives will not return to “normal” until it does. Call a plumber, and he will fix the problem in the time it would take you to determine what is wrong.

7. Clean water

A professional repair means the assurance that all pipes and tubing are up to code and the water flowing from them is safe to drink.

6. Money savings

A small leak in your sink or a running toilet may not seem like much, but the amount of water that is wasted can be large over time. You will pay for that water on your water bill. It’s best to fix a problem rather than ignore it and have to pay for fixing and not fixing it.

5. Safety

Handling heavy pipes or manipulating them in small spaces can be physically taxing or even dangerous. The same is true with hot water. Let a professional handle it.

4. Property protection

Professionals are insured, and that means if something does go wrong, they are responsible and liable for the damage – not you or your homeowner’s insurance.

3. Satisfaction, not frustration

A plumber will make quick work of a job that may seem impossible to you. It’s amazing what a difference having the right training, tools, and experience can make.

2. Avoidance of things best left unmentioned

Plumbing can be a dirty job, especially when the repair involves the toilet or old pipes. If you do not like dealing with raw sewage, leave it to the plumber.

1. Water is powerful.

The number one reason to hire a plumber is that water is a force of nature and, when not properly controlled, it can wreak havoc. Whether this havoc is fast (as from a broken pipe) or slow (from a improperly installed one), water in the wrong place will mean mold, decay, property damage, and hazards to health. A professional plumber knows how to handle water and make sure that it goes where it should and does not leak or flow where it should not.

If you cannot say that about yourself, protect your property by hiring a professional plumber when your next plumbing problem occurs. All of the other reasons are important and true as well, and that’s why the professional plumbers at Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling,  Plumbing are an excellent resource to have and use when trouble happens.