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The Benefits of Running a Humidifier and Furnace Together

by | Mar 3, 2022

When the temperature falls in Grand Rapids, MI, unfortunately our energy bills tend to go up. The dry climate that comes with winter temperatures can make it feel even colder in our homes, resulting in a furnace that’s always on. 

An effective way to make your home feel warmer without having to run your HVAC system harder is to use a humidifier to raise your indoor humidity level. 

Running a Humidifier with Your Furnace

A humidifier doesn’t add actual heat to your home, but does increase the moisture inside. You can run a humidifier and your furnace at the same time. However, there’s a big difference between furnace humidifiers and stand-alone humidifiers.

Furnace Humidifiers or Stand-Alone Humidifiers: Which Is Better?

What is the difference between a furnace humidifier and a stand-alone humidifier? A furnace humidifier is installed directly into your furnace, so air coming from your heating unit is humidified throughout your entire home. Furnace humidifiers can be installed on both electric and gas furnaces.

Stand-alone humidifiers are individual units that operate totally independently from your HVAC system. They expel moist air directly into the room, so the air around the humidifier is moist, but as you get farther away, the air gets drier. 

Stand-alone humidifiers can be a good solution for a single room, but to add moisture to your whole home you’d need to buy several or more. They also take up floor space and require electricity, adding to your energy bill. Stand-alone humidifiers also require you to fill them with water every day.

Furnace humidifiers add moist air to your whole home evenly, don’t take up more energy or space, and require a lot less maintenance. The only downside is that they’re generally more of an investment up front.

Benefits of a Humidifier for Your Furnace

The winters in Grand Rapids, MI, are known for low temperatures, but also very dry air. Adding a humidifier to your furnace has several benefits. First, you can improve your family’s health and well-being. Humidifiers add needed moisture to the air, which can improve lung health, alleviate allergy symptoms, and reduce illness.

Next, as previously mentioned, humidifiers can make your home feel warmer without cranking up the heat. Humidity can improve the energy efficiency of your home and ultimately lead to energy savings. 

Finally, a humidifier helps to stabilize moisture levels in your home, which helps preserve your wood floors and furnishings. Wood can dry out and split if exposed to low enough humidity for long periods of time. A humidifier can make a big difference in preserving your valuable wood items and instruments.

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