Have your energy bills been increasing every month? Do you constantly find yourself taking hot showers that end up cold?

Your water heater may be the culprit. If so, one solution is installing a new tankless water heater. Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing can help. Tankless hot water heaters are the latest energy-efficient alternative to the traditional tank water heater that many homes currently use.

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What Is a Tankless Hot Water Heater?

A tankless hot water heater, otherwise known as an on-demand water heater or a tankless water heater, does the same job as the heater you have now. The only difference is that, instead of holding water in a 40-75 gallon cylindrical tank, the water heats on demand.

Grand Rapids becomes a brutally cold area during the winter, which makes it especially important to have a reliable water heating system. After all, who wants to take a cold shower when it’s freezing outside?

Because of the instantaneous nature of a tankless water heater, you will have access to a seemingly infinite source of water at all times. But how do they work?

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

When you turn on the tap, cold water pushes through the pipes in your home and into your unit. A gas or electric burner will heat the water once it reaches the system and goes through the tap for use.

Tankless water heaters will typically provide about two to five gallons of hot water per minute. This number is low, and for larger homes, multiple units may be necessary.

The Benefits of Using a Tankless Hot Water Heater

The on-demand water heater is a popular choice among homeowners, and there are many reasons for this. If you’re wondering whether a tankless heater is a suitable choice for you, take a look at the benefits we’ve listed below.

Energy and Cost-Efficient

A conventional unit heats and stores hot water, even when it’s not being used. A tank-style water heater loses 4 degrees of water temperature an hour through the uninsulated flue and burner area, which causes it to turn on 4-6 times a day just to maintain the temperature in the tank. That adds money onto your monthly energy bills, and who wants to spend money on something they may not be using?

Even though a tankless heater has higher upfront installation costs, you will save money in the long run from lower operating and energy costs.

Takes Up Less Space

Without the need for a tank, we can install your on-demand water heater virtually anywhere. The model is about the size of a suitcase.

Hot Water On Demand

Tankless water heaters produce water only as needed, rather than storing hot water in a tank. Once you open the tap, water is pushed through the pipes, heated by the unit, and delivered to you almost instantly.

Longer Average Lifespan

Tankless heaters have longer lifespans than conventional models. On average, you can expect your tankless heater to last up to 20 years. However, traditional heaters will only last 10 to 15 years.

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